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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Being a NEW MOMMY!

 Well I have been away for a little while and thats being I finally gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! He is my pride and joy! I have never been so happy in life! He is 6 weeks old now and is very strong and healthy! When he was born it was quite a scare! He had to be flown out because he could not breath. he was on oxygen for almost 3 weeks! Doctors say everything is working prefectly now! He is a perfect baby, he rarely evver cries!!

 We are still trying to get our nights and days right! just like last night he woke up at 3:30am and stayed awake until 8:00am! he didnt cry or fuse he just wanted to play! BUt luckly I have an amazing mother that took him at 8 and let me get a couple of hours of sleep before I had to be to work! I never thought I would love changing dirty diapers and sniffing out buggers or even getting up in the middle of the night for a feeding as much as I do! being a mother is the greatest gift I could have ever recieved! God truely does love me for granting me this child! and I am so thankful for being a woman! Men will never no what they are missing with the exprence of growing a child inside ones body and the joys (and pains) of labor!

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