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Monday, December 24, 2012

Welcome and Warning :)


Well I will start off by saying WARNING! this is my first attempt to blog, I have no idea what or how to do this; But with everything changing in my life I decided why not give it a try!! BTW Im doing this blog for myself, to stay motivated and remind myself Im worth it and I can do this. So if you feel the need to leave any comments I ask you to do it with respect and remember I am only Human!

So a little about me for any of you that care! I am a 21 year old from a little town in utah. I currently am 37 weeks pregnant with a little boy, So any day I will be welcoming him in to this world! I cannot wait I am overly excited!! I have gone to a little of college but have found its really not for me. I am planning on atteneding ISSA (online) and certifying as a Personal Trainner. I should be finished with this by the first of next year. I spend at least an hour of every day reseaching and reading about health and fitness, I love going to the gym and working out, (even though I havent done that much while pregnant). This will be my second time going through pregnantcy and labor, but I am a first time parent. The first child I gave birth to was adopted, I am very proud of my choice. I am in her life still and always will be she just calls me aunt! Yup thats correct my wonderful brother and his wife adopted her! So with that I would like to say my body is a little mishapened! BUT!!! I will not use giving birth twice as an excuse to not get my body back to the best shape it can be!! Hopefully through this next year I can prove not only to myself but to the other I know are watching me I am a different person then I used to be. I even hope that people may learn something from me. I hate when people give up so it is the last thing I am going to do myself. My son deserves the best and that is what I plan on giving him! So thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy this rollercoster ride called Life with me!

(P.s) yes I know there is alot of mispelled words and improper grammer. I will try to do my best but This is my blog and it reprecents me so im not going to correct anything im just letting it all hang out!

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  1. I am recently figuring out the blogging too, and it is hard! Good luck on your journey!